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Like riding a bike
If there is anyone out there that still reads my posts, let me just start out by saying its been 9 years since i started this journal and its been 5 years since my last post. So if your taking the time to read this update then bless you. Hope who ever sees this is doing good in life. My life since i started this journal and my last post has been just one big cluster fuck of what the hell. To much to post on here but its def been interesting and some has been full of drama but whos life isnt filled with drama?

Writer's Block: Don't You Forget about Me
RIP John Hughes. In honor of the master of the teen movie, what is your favorite teen flick?

My all time fave John Hughes movie is without a doubt Sixteen Candles and Breakfast Club. R.I.P John Hughes.

Lets see if i can still remember how to post.
Hey yall. Sorry its been sooo long since my last post. Hope all is well with everyone. Alot has been going on since i last posted. One big change is that i joined the Air Force the day before Thanksgiving, so now im waiting to see what my job will be and when ill be leaving for basic training. I'm soo ready to go today but i have to wait...grr...

I moved out of the apartment i was living in and i moved in with my sister and her family. Thats an adventure in its self haha.

If you reply back let me know how yall are. Hope to hear from yall soon.

(no subject)
Hey everyone.. No i didnt fall off the face of the earth. Hope everyone is doing great. well alot has happend since my last post. SOoo sorry about the lack of updating. Its been a hellish since ive moved out. goin job to job then goin to school and not goin to school. but i have finally made it back to live journal whoo hoo. Hope everyone is well. Comment if you would like. Again sorry for the lack of updating.

Sorry its been sooo long
Hey everyone.. No i didnt fall off the face of the earth. Hope everyone is doing great. well alot has happend since my last post. I finally moved out of my mom and step dads house, moved in with my friend and her boyfriend. Um single, no prospects are around so im just livin life in the new apartment. I got me a second job, goin to work at my old job while im still at kohls, gotta make some money so i can pay rent and pay other bills and such but i dont mind i like bein busy. Well i guess ill end it here. talk everyone later. Comment if u you would like. Love yall.

Need some advice
About 2 months ago me and my bf broke up while we were together i got pregnant but i had a miscarriage about 2 weeks into the pregnancy. I didnt get a chance to tell him when it happend and after we broke up he stopped talkin to me completly. He had to find out through his best friend. also about 2 weeks after we broke up he started datin a new girl...a girl that in regular circumstances would never ever go for. i think it was the first girl that showed him alot of attention and he latched onto her. People tell me to wait it out let him get over the shock of it but its been 2 months...and to wait out his relationship with this new girl he jumped into it so quickly, when they were dating for 2 or 3 weeks they were tellin each other they love each other. He knows i look at his myspace ive stopped lookin at hers it kills me everytime i would. Ive grown up so much after what happend i think if he would look he would see that. All he would talk about when we were datin was wanting a baby and when he found out i was pregnant he doesnt have anything to say. It kills me so much that he doesnt care that i was pregnant.

Please let me know what u think. Should i just wait it out...let him come to me when hes ready to talk if ever??? This whole situation has even gotten me to be friends with his best friend so something good has come of it i got a new friend...but i dont know what to do about it. I pray for us to get back together ive had feelings something good was gonna happen. I dont know what to do...please comment back

Sorry its been so long
Just wanted to update my page. sorry its been so long. Hope everyone is doin good. Things are ok with me for the most part. I turned 25 wednesday.

Tryin to get over alot of stuff thats happend. Me and cliff broke up again. I miss him so bad. im tryin to move on but its been so hard.

Im finally gonna get to see my daddy before christmas. I havent seen him in a year since my last birthday. I need to see my daddy. I miss him so much.

well i guess im gonna end this. just wanted to do a quick update. hope everything is good with yall. talk to yall later. love yall

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I just noticed how long its been since i updated my journal. sry about the delay. Well me and cliff broke up yet again and now for some un known reason he will not talk to me. im still workin my butt off at kohls..im still tryin to find another job cause i dont want to be there for another christmas after this year. I had a new nephew come in to the family in april..hes soo cute. dont know what else to put cause im to tired right now...hopefully ill have a better update next time. ttyl

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Hello again
Well its been awhile since i updated this thing. Not much is new except me and cliff are back together. So far its goin really good. Work is still blah. Hopin to be gettin a new job in a few weeks. I need to get out of Kohl's before i lose my mind. Sry this update is so short. Gotta get up early for work yet again. Hopefully it wont be as busy as it was today. i dont think i have ever walked out of that store as i did today. People were insane in there today. Well im gonna go now. Hopefully ill update with a longer post in a few days. Talk to yall later. Comment if u would like. Later chicks